Anpario Direct

Anpario Direct

At Anpario we are a world leader in producing Specialist Feed Additive Technologies. Our products are sold & trusted worldwide in over 80 countries, helping farmers globally support the health and performance of their livestock. We have been providing specialist nutrition advice for over 30 years, working with farmers and agricultural professionals to maximise animal health.

Anpario Direct is our online shop which enables you to browse and buy our range of natural health additives and supplements direct from us. Products vary from supporting intestinal health and immune resilience such as Orego-Stim to Optomega Plus which benefits fertility, conception rates and a lot more. We also provide feed security solutions to help kill bacteria, viruses and fungi in feed such as Salgard. View our website to see how we can help you and your livestock, including dairy, beef, sheep, pig, layers and broilers.

Our mission is to add value throughout the lives of animals. We combine knowledge, science and nature to produce sustainable, 100% natural solutions for our customers. Anpario products enhance the natural development of livestock animals to maximise the producersí profitability.

If you are a smallholder, horse owner or pigeon fancier we have products for you too! We have specialised our products so you can reap the benefits also! We are happy to say business is open as usual, and we are grateful to be able to support our customers and their animals during these difficult times.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact! We are happy to answer any queries you may have, please email

Have a great day everyone :)

From the Anpario Direct Team.