Wild Welsh Wool

Using rare and native breed wool in its natural colours I create rugs, seat pads, bench runners, bags, cushions, and scarves, all made on a peg loom. The wool is from our own sheep and some from local farmers to get the range I need for different colours and textures.
My style and some of the sheep reflect the business name being primitive, wild and rustic.
Every item is totally hand made by myself from washing the fleeces, using no chemicals, to the weaving.
Although the peg loom is the main part of my business, I spin and tapestry weave.
I also supply peg looms and hand washed fleece from many different breeds for needle and wet felting.
The peg loom is a great way to create useful tactile items and my course students have found it to be relaxing and therapeutic.
I will soon be starting online courses, please let me know if you are interested. 01938 811193 wildwelshwool@gmail.com