Jane Craigie Marketing

Jane Craigie Marketing

We are a marketing and communications team with skills in PR, digital, event curation and strategy. We are highly productive, responsive and creative.

Our specialism is in agriculture, food and the rural environment and we have won awards for our clients for some truly different, result-focused campaigns.

Our mission is to make you and your business shine bright. The people we work with find us inspiring and fun, they value our connections and our ability to make things happen.

We have lived through the eras of doing everything longhand, through to fully embracing digital content creation.

Our creativity will always deliver to your strategy and be appropriate to your brand. We love to tell stories via multiple channels, from the most human to the highly technical and scientific.

We work with our clients for decades, not months, which demonstrates that they believe we are getting our service right.

We deliver ideas that break new ground, have intuition in shifting strategy and deliver positive change to people and business.