RSPB Hope Farm and Fair to Nature

RSPB Hope Farm and Fair to Nature

The RSPB work with farmers to research and demonstrate sustainable and wildlife-friendly agricultural systems. We work to identify conservation issues with declining farmland species, improve the sustainability in the farming system, reduce our carbon footprint, improve soil health, practice true IPM, all with biodiversity at the heart of our work. Our policy teams work to ensure that farmers are supported better to do this too.

Hope Farm is the RSPB's arable farm in South Cambridgeshire, celebrating it's 20th Anniversary in 2020. For two decades, Hope Farm has shown that by making simple changes to to farm management, wildlife will sky rocket and thrive. We have monitored in incredible 1300% increase in wintering farmland birds, 180% increase in breeding farmland birds, 400% increase in butterflies and 19X more bumblebees than a control farm. Speak to the Farm Manager, Georgie Bray, about Hope Farm's work.

Fair to Nature is certification scheme that does what it says on the tin. It puts a label on food that is produced in a way Fair to Nature. The aim is to provide a label that can be picked up by brands in the industry to demonstrate that they are Fair to Nature, whilst giving marketing opportunities to the farmers who are able to sell their wildlife-friendly produce. With the relaunch this year, speak to Shelley about Fair to Nature's work, and how you can be involved.

We are now off duty for the day! If you would like to talk to us about Fair to Nature, Farm Wildlife, or Hope Farm, though, please do drop us an email.

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