Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group

Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group

The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group
The hub of our Group is to learn and grow with each other and is a basis of the foundation for all of us to inspire each other. With over 2100 members we are making it our goal in sustaining and growing the knowledge to endorse the health, welfare, conservation, genetic spread and geographical spread of our beautiful breed. This is who we are with a triumphant, enthusiastic, supportive and inspiring society of supporters it is being apart of the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group that will turn your heads to our breed. We will support you and welcome ALL your questions no matter how trivial you may think they are, we are here to help you all we can.

About our Breed
You may be interested to know we have 13 sow lines and 4 boar lines which are all very precious to us. Our sow numbers have declined, from 535 sow in 2018 to 495. Boars have also declined with having 147 in 2018 we now have 128. Yes we are recognised with the Rare Breed Survival Trust and we are listed as "Category 4" which is "At Risk". The history of our breed can be found on our website or join our ever popular facebook group and find the information there and lots more to whet your appetite.

Visit our website (www.oxfordsandyblackpiggroup.org) and browse and take advantage of all the information and FREE tools that you may find useful. Come and listen to our podcast or get ideas for a great lunch by dipping in to our cook-a-long videos. The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group is helping to enthuse, inspire and educate.

Come and be apart of us and join us on:
Facebook: Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group
Facebook: OSB Rare Breed Pork
Twitter: @OxfordPig
Instagram: OsbPigGroup

Our website offers:
Breeders Map - add yourself and your bloodlines
OSB Shop - free and for sale items (shown below)
Boar hire
Video Gallery
History of our breed
pig calculator
farrowing calculator
Pregnancy scanner hire
. Podcast
. Cook-a-long videos

Why not get in touch with your #OSBPG Regional Team Leaders. For further contact details visit our website and click #OSBPG Friends.

Who We Are:

Central Region: Frances Payne & Eve Atkins
Devon/Cornwall: Kim Brook
East Anglia: Andrew O'Shea
Somerset & Dorset: Sonya Barr
South East: Angela Pratt & Clive Allcorn
Scotland: Michelle Anderson Carroll & Anita Withers
Wales: Sian Thomas
Ireland: Dermot Allen (Chairman Irish Pig Society)
France: Lorraine Jones
The Netherlands: Pipie Smits van Oyen

Come and be apart of the OSB Rare Breed Pork Group where we celebrate the Oxford Sandy and Black for its fantastic meat quality. With fall-off-the-bone joints, juicy sausages, tasty bacon, out of this world crackling and sensational charcuterie the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig is truly an all purpose, all giving pig! A pig that is beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside! This is where we share our recipes, food legislation, curing ideas, smoking ideas, pork nutrition and show off some knockout meals. Come and share with us your culinary skills/experiments. may be you have an interesting marinade or a good chilli rub.
Become a "Friend" of the #OSBPG by visiting our website (OSB Shop). A one off individual fee of GBP10.00 or GBP16.00 for a couple.

Come and support us on Twitter @oxfordpig and Instagram - OSBPigGroup WE LOOK FORWARD IN WELCOMING YOU!