Gotland Gin

Gotland Gin

After completing full careers in the British Army, we decided to relocate to Devon. My husband and I are both lovers of animals, so we decided to set up our own smallholding amongst the rolling hills of West Devon.

Gotland sheep were a favourite on the smallholding from the beginning. A very tactile breed of sheep originally from Gotland, an island off the coast of Sweden, they became the inspiration for our Gin and remain an important part of West Devon life for us. After a busy day on the smallholding, we both enjoy relaxing with a glass of gin and tonic overlooking our flock, which gave us the idea to create our own hand-crafted premium gin.

In order to create a unique gin and maintain the link with our Gotland sheep, we explored a variety of Scandinavian fruits such as the lingonberry and after much experimenting infusing a diverse range of botanicals, Gotland Gin was born.

Taste - Bold, yet refreshingly smooth. An initial soft floral start which disappears to the piquant flavours of the lingonberry and hibiscus, married with a little heat from the pink peppercorns and the refreshing finish of fresh citrus.

In our opinion, the perfect serve is a large measure of Gotland Gin over ice with a quality tonic water. Add a slice or wedge of fresh lime or clementine and a sprinkle of lingonberries to create a refreshingly unique drink. One glass just isnít enough!

If you have any questions about Gotland Sheep or Gotland Gin, either contact us through our website, message us on Facebook/Instagram or call Dawn on 07734229829.
Enjoy the show!